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I hope everyone have a great new year. :)
Snow the Fox and Fineeve the Wolf New Years by Warrioroflight012
Snow the Fox and Fineeve the Wolf New Years
(Before the clock hits New Years)

Snow: Here Fineeve. (Gives her a gift)
Fineeve: (Gets it) What is it?
Snow: Just a small gift.
Fineeve: (Opens it) It's a ring? (Blushes) Are you proposing me?
Snow: No, no it's not that it's a friendship ring.
Fineeve: Oh... (Embarrassed for what I said)
Snow: I'll just say it Fineeve I love you but as a friend.
Fineeve: Really is it because you kissed Tulip?
Snow: We were under a mistletoe and she already has a boyfriend. (Thinks) Are you jellies?
Fineeve: (Blushes a lot and shows it) I'm not jellies!
Snow: Okay I'll stop and the reason why I didn't ask you out cause you might say no so we became friends instead.
Fineeve: (Hugs you) I would have said yes so.... yes I love to.
Snow: (Hugs back smiles) I love you Fineeve.

Moment theme:…

Fineeve the Wolf belongs to Akatsukishiranui-fox 
Art done by me

Happy News Years everyone :)
Under the Mistletoe :) by Warrioroflight012
Under the Mistletoe :)
Yes Tulip is Kissing Snow The Fox under a Mistletoe and I know what your thinking. "Why is there a Foxy plush?" They are in the house where Five Night's At Freddy's 4 took place. If you know that stick figure as a DJ that's Henry if you know who his is. Henry is looking at the Diamond and wondering why would they leave it there? In the next pic he going to face a jewel thief there going to fight over the Diamond XD

Snow: (Dancing with Tulip) It's a nice Christmas party :)
Tulip: Yes it is. :) (Looks up sees the Mistletoe but doesn't tell him yet) Can you give me your hand please?
Snow: (Gives you my hand) Ok now what?
Tulip: Look up for a moment.
Snow: (Looks up and sees the Mistletoe) Oh it's a Mistletoe.... Wait what? (About to look at Tulip then she kisses me)
Tulip: (Kisses him under the Mistletoe)
Snow: (My eye's open wide and blushes)
Tulip: You like your Mistletoe kiss?;)
Snow: Yes it.... I love it. (My heart beating fast and blushing) 
Tulip: It's still up there if you want another one~ ;)
Snow: (Kisses her)
Tulip: (Kisses back)
Henry: (Looks at the Diamond while those two are kissing) When the party quiets down I'll get that Diamond.  

Tulip belongs to robthehoopedchipmunk.deviantar…
Art done by me
And the one who drew my character so awesome is by
Henry from Stealing a Diamond
Getting Patched up by Warrioroflight012
Getting Patched up
This mission was for me to stay put so Sammy could rescue me but I escaped the cell. Once I got away I saw a huge water fall I looked back and the search party is after me so I jumped. I couldn't move but when I woke up I couldn't breath I quickly swim up to get air and I made it I called Sammy with the radio I stole.

Juan: (Calls her)
Sammy: Juan oh thank god I was worried.
Juan: Sorry there was no other way for me to escape the search party.
Sammy: What happen?
Juan: I jumped off a water fall I was out for a while but I'm back.
Sammy: That's good to hear. Are you close by?
Juan: Yes meet you in the cave and get my equipment back.
Sammy: I'll be waiting.
Juan: (Hangs up and follows the river sees the cave just a few feet) I'm here Sammy.
Sammy: (Has first aid and food for him) Glad your here. (Smiles that he made it)
Juan: (Eats cooked fish while I get patched up by Sammy)
Sammy: (Patch him up) Your eye.... (Looks at his right eye)
Juan: I know I'll be ok it's nothing to worry about I can still fight.
Sammy: I can't believe they tortured you and for what? 
Juan: They think I'm after the philosopher's Legacy I mean what is that?
Sammy: After the end of World War 2 the Philosopher's created the Philosopher's Legacy. It said only the greatest army can handle it that's way I need to get my hands on it to keep my army well.
Juan: Once this Mission is over you can have it I have no need for it.

Sammy belongs to
Art done by me

Hope you like it :)
I was Trick or Treating last night I got so much candy :) What I dressed up as? I was going to be Nightmare Foxy but I couldn't finish making him so I just be Death. But yea we had a good Halloween it was really fun next up Thanksgiving :3 What should I draw for this one? 
I hope everyone have a great new year. :)


United States

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