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I'm still on here just drawing it's going to take some time cause my cat... torn my drawing so I'm redrawing again not now but later. ^^; I'll start drawing on Monday right now I'm tired :) 
Juan Rocha Post by Warrioroflight012
Juan Rocha Post
Bio Graph
Juan is the only survivor of the Sun & Moon army after his friend Nick betrayed his own army to become a devil. He entered in a world that's like hell but the skull head and bones are purple covered with human blood that's the Purple Behelit's power. After seeing all his friends body parts in the demons mouths Juan was pissed after what happened he saw Nick as a devil and sees him molested Christa. Juan was filled with rage but was pin down by pulling most of the skin getting pulled while watching Christa getting raped by Nick. By cutting his own skin to get free Juan charge in while getting pin down again by 4 demons after that one of the demon's left a scare on Juan's lips. In tears that Juan couldn't help her and yells with so much anger then passes out not knowing that the Skullgirl Marie, Double, and Valentine saved me.

One year later after killing Nick and every single demon Juan serves the Skullgirl and trying to live a better life after making new friends.

Essential Data
Age: 22
Birthday: July 15
Blood type: B
Height: 5.8
Weight: 162
Hair: Black
Eye's: Brown
Armor: Leather armor on his left arm

Likes: Alcohol, Helping Valentine, Dragons, Video Games, Killing Enemy's, UnderTale, Chess, Mind Games, Pizza, Five Night's At Freddy, Saving Wild Life, Cupcakes, Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie 

Dislike: Relaxing Sometimes, Maps, Soda, Moving On, Wearing Fancy Clothes, Milk

Crush: Valentine… Filia… Parasoul… Cerebella…
Don't know who to choose
Juan Rocha DLC character for Skullgirls Sketch by Warrioroflight012
Juan Rocha DLC character for Skullgirls Sketch
Yes I'm a new character for Skullgirls not really just a sketch for the game :) I played the game so I made myself a character let me know what you think?
I hope everyone have a Happy Easter and having egg hunting :)
Crimson Eye part 1 by Warrioroflight012
Crimson Eye part 1
I'll tell all the characters before I start. Starting with me on the right side holding a Rapier.

Name: Juan 
Age: 20
Hair: Black
Hight: 5.9
Race: Human  

Name: Nick
Age: 19
Hair: Red
Hight: 5.3
Race: Human

Name: Tommy 
Age: 31
Fur: Brown
Hight: 5.4
Race: Bull

Name: Christa
Age: 14
Hair: Orange 
Hight: 5.4
Race: Dog

Name: Timmy
Age: 11
Fur: Orange 
Hight: 4.9
Race: Cat

Name: Buck 
Age: 25
Fur: None
Hight: 5.8
Race: Cobra

Name: Jefferson 
Age: 17
Fur: None
Hight: 5.6
Race: Valcher

Army: Sun and Moon band of mercenaries

I'll start the story tomorrow I hope you like it. It's like that one anime from Berserk Golden Age Arc.

(In the middle of war zone)
Juan: (With a different army only helping them so I can get my money and leave)
Other Knights: (We break into the castle and attack the guards)
Juan: (Kill 20 solider's)
Knight #1: I'm getting the leaders head. (Takes off)
Knight #2: Wait a sec..! (Got hit with something once I looked down it was Knight #1 head)
Ox Knight: (Killed 12 knights with my War Hammer)
Other Knights: (To scared to fight him)
Knight leader: What are you waiting for! Kill him and earn bounty!
Knight #1: What are you talking about!
Knight #3: Your not paying that much!
Ox Knight: None of you have any balls? (Laughs)
Knight leader: (Looks at my army) You are all cowards!
Ox Knight: What no response? Kill them all feed there insides to the pigs! (Sees someone coming out of the crowd)
Juan: (My Rapier covered in blood)
Other knights: (Gossiping about him) Look at how long that sword is? He's to young. He's just showing off he's going to get killed.
Juan: 9 pieces of gold coins.
Knight leader: (Surprised) For what?
Juan: (Sign and points at the big Ox) Were not knights just mercenaries at the end you can't eat glory.
Knight leader: Well okay go on defeat him and 5 gold coins will be yours.
Juan: (Sign) Cheap F***er. Fine then. (Goes up to him)
Ox Knight: (Looks at his sword) You'll regret this boy. Your going risk your life 5 pieces of... (Sees his sword swinging at me and blocks but getting pushed back)
Other Knights: (Surprised) He's forcing him back! How is he doing that?!
Juan: (Forces him back)
Ox Knight: Okay you had your fun! (Kicks him off and swings my hammer at him)
Juan: (Swings back and crack his hammer then we swing again)
Ox Knight: (Aims for his head but shattered my hammer and gets stabbed with most of insides damaged)
Juan: (Rips the sword out of him and to finish him off)
Ox Knight: (Begs for mercy) Wait! I kneel to the man just please... (Got my head stabbed through)
Juan: (Kicks his dead body off my Rapier and the army looked at me)
Other Knights: (Look at him and cheer loud)
Knight leader: There formation is broken charge!
(Other mercenaries bands)
Buck: He's not so tough at least he did it for us lucky we are. (Disappointed)
Jefferson: Hey blame the stupid general.
Buck: Hey Nick witch one of you is stronger? (Looks at him)
Christa: Don't be in ass Buck no one is stronger then Nick.
Nick: (Looks at Juan while holding necklace)
(The army lines up to get there pay)
Juan: (In line and gets my pay)
Knight leader: (Gives him the little bag of money) Here's your pay and your 5 gold coins.
Juan: (Checks the gold to see if it's real)
Knight leader: If you work for me I'll you a squire or knight you name it. (Drinks my wine)
Juan: Sorry but no.
Knight leader: Please after seeing you fight like that you'll be perfect.
Juan: Nobody cages me not even you. (Leaves)
( Later in the middle of a grassy field)
Juan: (Walks for a hour and sees 2 people and a cobra heading this way on horses)
Buck: (Surrounds him) He's yours man.
Mercenary #1: Right! (Use my horse to run faster and about to use his spear)
Juan: (Takes my sword out and cut the side of his stomach all of his insides came out)
Buck: Sh*t now you've done it! (Call 4 more)
(More mercenaries on the way)
Mercenary 3, 4, 5, and 6: We got this!
Juan: (Close my eye's and swing my sword at them one time cutting them all at once)
Mercenary 3, 4, 5, and 6: (Lost our arms and legs crying in pain)
Buck: You got to be kidding me!
Other Mercenaries: (Watch on the hill) This guy is good. I guess killing the Ox knight was no joke. I bet Buck is Sh*ting himself right about now.
Christa: See I told you not to fight him.
Nick: Christa go down there and help him.
Christa: What?! It's all Bucks fault!
Nick: (Looks at her saying I mean it)
Christa: (Sign) Alright.
Buck: Hey you go next!
Mercenary #2: This was your idea Buck! (Sees Juan about the kill me next) F**k this! (Takes off leaving Buck)
Buck: (Start to panic in fear) No wait no!
Juan: (About to kill him but got shot with a arrow hit's my leg)
Christa: (Shot him with a crossbow) 
Buck: Thanks! (Takes off)
Juan: (Pulls it out like nothing)
Christa: It didn't even hurt him? (About to fire again)
Juan: (Blocks this time)
Christa: (Swing my sword at him but couldn't hurt him and about to fire again)
Juan: (Sees a blind spot and kill her horse)
Christa: (Falls off and hits my face on a rock gets up in pain nose bleeding and lost 3 of my teeth in rage) You Bastard! (Swings my sword)
Juan: (Swings one time and made her sword about to break)
Christa: (Couldn't fight back only blocks then falls)
Juan: (About to kill her)
Christa: I'm going to die. (Can't do nothing about it)
Nick: (Throws a spear at the ground to stop the fight)
Christa: Wait he's to strong!
Buck: Now your gonna get it. Go get him Nick.
Juan: (Looks at Nick) Nick?
Nick: (Goes up to him) Will you still rise your sword?
Juan: (Rise my sword)
Nick: I see. (Takes my sword  out)
Juan: (Swings my sword at him)
Nick: (Blocks it and stabs him in the chest but not in the heart)
Juan: (Got stabbed but still standing)
Buck: (Surprised) It's didn't down him down?
Nick: (Puts my sword away) Take him he won't be moving for a while.
Juan: (Can't move from the pain)
Other Mercenaries: (Goes down and takes Juan to there camp)
(3 days later)
Juan: (Wakes up turns my head sees Christa laying next to me then gets up)
Christa: (Gets up but naked and gets my clothes and puts them on then walks up to Juan)
Juan: What?
Christa: (Punch him on his cut and the cut reopened on his chest)
Juan: (Feels pain and still standing)
Christa: You bastard! Nick should left you to die!
Juan: Life is full disappoints.
Christa: (Punch him again) And that was for my horse. (Leaves the tent)
Juan: (Walks out to and sees the army on break)
Jefferson: You awake? Don't mind her she mad cause lay with you 3 days.
Juan: Way did she do that?
Jefferson: (Sharping my arrows) Nick's orders he said it's a women's duty to warm a man. (Shoots the arrow stopping the bee that could have stung Juan)
Young solider: Hey Jefferson you almost got me!
Jefferson: Whoops sorry ^^; (Gets up walks by Nick) Morning Nick.
Nick: (Walks up to Juan with his Sword) I'm Nick what's your name?
Juan: It's Juan.
Nick: (Looks at his sword) A fast weapon. (Try's to see how to use it) It's a bit much for me. (Gives him back his sword) Want to walk with me for a while?
Juan: (Gets my sword and walks with him sees the other solider's saying to Nick but they look at they would rather not) What type army are you? 
Nick: Sun & Moon.
Juan: (Surprised) Sun & Moon?
Nick: You heard of us?
Juan: They said the Sun & Moon were to be the one's to run in battle. (Follows him to the hill)
Christa: (Follows them)
Juan: Why didn't you stab me in the heart and finish the job?
Nick: (Looks at him) I wanted you Juan.
Christa: (Makes a disappointing face)
Juan: Oh great you to?
Nick: When you haven't left a crack on that Ox hammer you would have got you head smashed.
Juan: Yea so?
Nick: At least your honest. I want you to join us.
Juan: If I say no?
Nick: You don't?
Juan: Of course I won't don't say it like you know me! (Puts my hand on my chest cause of the cut) Will settle this with some bloodshed if I win I leave a hole in your chest bigger than this one.
Nick: And what I win?
Juan: You can what ever you want.
Nick: (Takes my sword out) Then let's begin.
Christa: Wait Nick!
Nick: Christa don't not interfere. I will have what I want.
Juan: Then come get it! (Swings my sword at him)
Nick: (Blocks it every time) 
Buck: (Shows up with the some of the men) He's at it again?! That idiot's never going to learn!
Christa: Stay back Nice said not to interfere!
Nick: (Blocks more) We could stops this in till your better. 
Juan: Shut up! (Use my sword to throw dirt on him to hit him eyes and has the higher advantage)
Nick: (Jumps and stands on his sword and my sword aiming at his neck) It's over. You do have a great skill of over powering your enemy's.
Juan: All I hear is bullsh*t at the end this is how you over power them! (Grabs his blade and cuts my hand then pushes him off the hill and falls down to)
Nick: (Falls down and lays on the ground)
Juan: (Runs up to him and kicks him in the face and repeatedly stomp on his face) The first time tasting your own blood?
Nick: (Spiting out some blood)
Juan: What's wrong the time anyone hurt that pretty face of yours? (Swings my fist at him)
Nick: (Grabs his arm and slams him to the ground) Give up now or I'll dislocate your arm so choose.
Juan: Motherf**ker.
NicK: (Dislocate his right arm)
Other Mercenaries: (Cheers for Nick winning)
Nick: (Goes up to Juan) Now you belong to me.
Juan: (Looks at him)
(1 hour later)
Juan: So what I'm your new member to your army?
Nick: Yes and I will choose when you live and where you die. For my ultimate finish is "I will have my own country" 
(1 year later)
(The army of Diamond vs The army of Crimson Dragons)
Diamond army: (Losing the war)
Diamond Knight: My king we should take you back to the kingdom.
Diamond King: Please someone help us defend our kingdom.
Crimson Dragon Knight #1: Take the kings head for the name of the Crimson Dragons! (Sees someone heading right to us on horse)
Juan: (Charging at them)
Crimson Dragon Knight #1: He thinks he can charge in by himself? Very well run him down! (About to swing my spear)
Juan: (Hits it away and swings my sword at him sends him flying ff his horse)
Other Crimson Knights: What he beat him? How did he lose? He's just one man surround him! Look be Hide us! (We look back)
Crimson Dragon Knight #2: Were being attack from the back! 
Crimson Dragon Knight #3: It's the Sun & Moon arm! Why are they fighting for the Diamond army! (We retreated back to our base)
Diamond: Knight: A small force made a large force retreat?
Diamond Commander: There's no way a small army turn the tables.
Diamond King: Who is the leader of that army?
Diamond Knight: His name is Nick.
Diamond King: Nick. (Looks at him from the hill)
(Later in the camp)
Jefferson: Here's the man of the hour Juan.
Other Mercenaries: (Cheers for Juan)
Juan: What's all this about?
Jefferson: Once again you lead us to victory.
Buck: (Sits on a stump) Yea the real big shot. (All jealous)
Other Mercenaries: Let's drink to elaborate.
Buck: Alright follow me.
Timmy: Follow Buck. (Said it in a your the big shot now)
Christa: Juan I need to have a word with you if your not to busy.
Juan: (Follows her)
Christa: Why did you do that?
Juan: Do what?
Christa: Don't play stupid with me. You were suppose to be a decoy but no you charged in and ruin the plan!
Juan: So no one got hurt?
Christa: Your just like the others. Your nothing more then a mad dog only caring about yourself!
Juan: (Grabs your hand) Your a stuck up b*tch!
Christa: (Gets offended)
Nick: Christa: May I speak with Juan alone.
Christa: (Makes him let's go of my hand and walks back to the camp) Nick your to soft on him. (Leaves)
Nick: Goes to Juan) What's with you two? Your like cat and dog.
Juan: Don't look at me she's the one who can't stop barking!
Nick: For a year and nothing has changed.
Juan: Has it really been that long?
Nick: Yes I still remember like is was yesterday. When we fought to get what we wanted.
Juan: And I beat the sh*t out you. (In a good mood) 
Nick: Yes it was wasn't it. Let's go you'll be tonight's toast for tonight's drinking.
(Skip the fighting part with a Devil inside a abandon castle it was to much gore Juan and Nick got badly injured)
Juan: (Inside a rich garden training even thou I ignored my injury's and remember what Christa said to) That b*tch I going to kill her.
Nick: Your up already? (Walking with a crutch) How did the battle end when I was out cold?
Juan: It's because that thing around your neck and what is it?
Nick: It's a Behelit a purple color they say who ever hold this that one day you'll role the world trading your flesh and blood for it.
Juan: (Looks at it) Role the world? (Still looks at it and the eyes opened gets freaked out about to to fall)
Nick: (Gets my Behelit and catches Juan pulls him up)
Juan: (Gets up and gets my sword)
Nick: (Starts to laugh after what happen)
Juan: Hey that thing is creepy.
Nick: (Smiles) Nice huh?
Juan: When will you ever change?
Nick: I will never change not ever.
Diamond King: (Shows up) Good morning count Nick.
Nick: (Bows down)
Juan: (Stands with pride but not understanding the royal stuff)
Nick: Juan bow down.
Diamond King's little brother: You! Show some respect to your king kneel down!
Juan: (Doesn't do it and looks at Nick) 
Nick: (Looks at him back)
Juan: (Sign and bows down)
Diamond King: Enough with the formality's up you two.
Juan and Nick: (Looks up at the king)
Diamond King: You have led your army to another victory well done.
Diamond King's little brother: You shouldn't treat someone nice that is to new.
Diamond King: I'll address it to who I wish and Nick many people are displeased cause your from common birth.
Nick: Yes I am but I have worked hard.
Diamond King: I am pleased that your here.
Nick: Thank you very much. (Sees a young women hiding) Who's that lady over there?
Diamond: Hm? (Looks back) Oh that's my daughter Crystal she's frighten of soldiers. (Calls her over)
Crystal: (Not going)
Diamond King: (Sign) She's my only daughter and I spoil her to much please forgive her. (Walks down stairs) Takes care you two. (Leaves)
Diamond King's little brother: (Walks by them)
Crystal: (Walks by to while looking at Nick and tripped)
Nick: (Catches her and dropped my crutch) Are you okay?
Crystal: Y-Yes.
Diamond King's little brother: (Walks up the stairs) How dare you laying a hand on the princess! (Smacks Nick)
Juan: (Gets pissed) Hey old man!
Nick: (Stops Juan) Please forgive my behavior.
Diamond King's little brother: That's more like it come princess your father is waiting.
Crystal: Yes Uncle. (Bows her head to Nick and leaves)
(In the garden while the nobles scared a fox)
Juan: Why do we have to do this?
Jefferson: It's better then people dying and running all over the place.
Juan: It's not my kind of place I would rather kill and risk my life.
Buck: Man your so stupid it took us this long to get here can you give it a rest!
Juan: (Doesn't answer)
Buck: Well if you like doing that go ahead I'm out of here. (Leaves) 
(There will be more soon) 
I'm still on here just drawing it's going to take some time cause my cat... torn my drawing so I'm redrawing again not now but later. ^^; I'll start drawing on Monday right now I'm tired :) 


United States

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